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Remediation Services

Lighthouse Environmental Services Inc. has revolutionized environmental remediation through its proprietary in-situ and ex-situ treatment of petroleum hydrocarbons in soil and groundwater. The addition of the Remedy catalyst enhances bioremediation, allowing complete degradation of contamination to be accomplished in previously unachievable time frames. While the conventional methods depend on the simple release of oxygen to biodegrade organic contaminants, the Remedy technology introduces enzymes that chemically increase the metabolic processes of petroleum degrading bacteria. As a result, the bacterial populations which are indigenous to the contaminated soil and water increase. Lighthouse’s patent pending process combines the enzymes, an oxidizer and time released nutrients in an optimal chemical formulation to ensure the complete removal of the petroleum contaminants. Remedy chemically changes the composition of the petroleum contaminants, resulting in breakdown compounds of carbon dioxide and water. The Remedy process not only reduces remediation timeframes from years to months, but can save thousands of dollars in clean-up cost.

Ex-Situ Bio Remediation

Lighthouse Environmental Services Inc. has revolutionized an effort to prevent off-site disposal, and transfer of long-term liability associated with land disposal, using Remedy to remove contaminants on-site will not only reduce long-term liability, but will also eliminate hauling and disposal cost. By directly applying Remedy to the soil in an on-site land farm the clean-up time is reduced tremendously. When Remedy was applied to soil impacted with diesel from a pipeline release, clean-up standards were attained in 60-days.


In-Situ Bio Remediation

Remedy maximizes in-situ performance through the use of a site specific delivery system. To prevent damaging existing underground utilities and structures, Remedy can be applied in the subsurface with amanual direct push technology. This in-situ treatment process saved both time and money by effectively treating petroleum contamination in the subsurface while minimizing site disruptions.

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Dig & Haul Remediation

Contaminated soil removal and remediation is a common and practical environmental clean-up method for construction sites with ample space. When site conditions permit the use of large excavating equipment, and the extent of soil contamination is relatively shallow, geologists replace the pollution area with certiably clean backfill. Contaminated soil remediation by removal is one of the many remedial action methods and options today. This approach tends to be most optimal when the chemicals of concerns are thicker oils or heavy metals, and where the digging volume is relatively small. For example, a vacant field with an oil spill area spanning 30-feet by 10-feet by 5-feet. However, soil contamination removal methods are not effective where shallow groundwater contamination is apparent.

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